Past Exhibitions


May/June 2021
“Pillagers of Light”


Artist Statement: The title and idea for this show was born out of a number of discussions with Mensie DeZeemeermin a number of years ago. I had recently taken and posted a print that I called “Don’t Blame It On The Rain”. Mensie saw the picture and suggested that the concept would make a great poem. My response is that this was not something that I would ever do. In our discussion, she agreed to try to write a poem. I told her that if she did write something, I would post it with the image in my gallery. The two continue to be displayed together on the gallery. After reading the poem I was struck with the possibilities of creating a show that incorporated the more challenging shots. To begin with I knew I wanted to include images that pushed the limits of the medium especially those involving large dynamic ranges. The dynamic range of a scene is the measurable difference between the darkest and the lightest parts of the scene. Our eyes adjust constantly to allow us to see detail in the highlights and  shadows so we are generally unaware of the dynamic range of most scenes. The camera however does not have the sophistication of our eyes and is only able to record data in a specific range of light, depending upon how the exposure is set. In brief, if you are in a high dynamic range situation and you set a camera to record highlight detail, you will likely loose shadow detail and visa versa. The goal of my project was to maintain as much detail in the shadowed areas as well as the highlights. This challenge would require very careful exposures and processing. Cameras have the ability to capture the light and dark of a scene in a range of about 7-10 exposure stops. However, even if the camera is able to capture this dynamic range,
many scenes go beyond that and if the image is destined for print in any form, detail loss will occur. The best quality glossy papers can faithfully record about 3 to 5 stops of detail. And if one moves to a canvas medium, the detail loss is even greater.
Apart from dynamic range, I also wanted to demonstrate some of the other technical abilities of the camera and lens. These included things like recording the Milky Way, (Something my mother said could not be done), extreme enlargements, differential focus, large and small depth of field and a few exposures of birds, simply because of the challenge they create with long lenses. The equipment used is varied. Zoom lenses were used in a number of the exposures, like those involving the birds, and the night exposures. But the the most part especially in the last few years a preference was made for prime lenses which are capable of recording the finest levels of detail. -Wayne Benedet

Biography: I began taking pictures in 1975 to use as a reference for painting. The challenge of the art form encouraged me to study photography at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1979/80. Following this I moved back to the prairies and I have lived here ever since.
My prints hang in the Provincial Government Building in Flin Flon, Manitoba and have been displayed at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) and in the Provincial Legislature in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My first solo show was entitled: “An Old Ride – Classics in the Rough”. It was on tour in Manitoba from December 2008 to the end of May 2012 in fourteen rural provincial galleries. The collection was featured by “More of Uur Canada” Magazine in September 2011. The collection was also featured by “Our Canada” Magazine in their Anniversary Edition. The second collection was called “Voice of the Pioneers”. It toured to ten rural provincial galleries from the fall of 2011 until the summer of 2013. In the final show at the Heritage centre in Steinbach both collections, “An Old Ride – Classics in the Rough” and “Voice of the Pioneer” were shown together. After twenty four shows in five years,I decided to take a break and begin collecting images for another show. “Ridge Road Chevy”, was selected by the Central Juried Art show to tour the Province in from May 12, 2008 to September 30, 2008. “Shroud” was selected by the Central Juried Art show to tour the Province in from May to September 2010. “Beside Peaceful Waters” received an Honourable Mention in 2011 by the World Wide Gala Awards. “Who Has Seen the Wind” won an honourable mention at The World Wide Gala Awards, in the Country Landscape Category 2012. A total of 41 artists were selected from among 282 photographers from 46 countries. 39 were awarded Honorable Mentions from the WPGA’s Jury.

I live in Morden, Manitoba so much of my work is about the beauty, history and pioneering spirit of this area. I teach Photography and Processing at Red River College, Winkler Campus and speak about photography to community groups. Examples of my work can be found on line in a number of galleries and websites by GOOGLING Wayne Benedet.


March/April 2021
“A Mothers Art”
Oil & Watercolour Paintings


Artist Statement: Over the years I have enjoyed making artwork that reflects on my journey of motherhood, specifically pertaining to the connections I have built with my children. One way this has been shown is in oil and water-based paintings as well as mixed media collages. With these mediums I choose to elaborate on candid moments in play that I observe my children in.  A couple heavier areas of motherhood I like to explore are postpartum stages and the concept of identity. Painting, playing with colour and texture, has always been one of my favourite ways to do this. I enjoy working with a variety of canvases as well including a standard canvas, masonite and wood, and rocks.

Biography: Born and raised in Brandon, MB, this where my husband and I are also situated with our children. For the better part of a decade I have been enrolled in the Visual and Aboriginal Arts department at Brandon University. I have attended full time, part time, and casually while tailoring my schedule to fit the needs of my growing family. This has helped me to balance my studies with the roles of motherhood and working as an Early Childhood Educator II (ECE). Many influences I have pertaining to my art stem from life experiences with some of those including learning to navigate our way through neurodiversity; specifically related to epilepsy and autism. As I have dedicated the last decade to being the primary caregiver and advocate for our children I have found solace in taking some time for myself in the studio, creating artworks and embracing my creativity.


January/February 2021
“Birds to Bark”

Fish Decoy -Don-Young

Exhibit Statement: This collection represents some of the best carvings from accomplished carvers in Manitoba. Many of these carvings were award winners in the annual Prairie Canada Carving Championships held each spring in Winnipeg.  Carvings include hunting style decoys which must float correctly when thrown from a boat, and decoys that are carved to find a place on a fireplace mantle. You will also find realistic birds carved to celebrate the beauty of our feathered friends. Life sized carvings are shown along with miniature versions.

Traditional carving once termed “whittling” has also developed into show pieces and are displayed in homes and collections. Here, we will find exquisite canes, cottonwood bark carvings, caricatures, interpretive natural wood finish carvings, and maybe stone, bone or antler.

Fish are also represented in this exhibit. They too are carved from wood, textured and painted. This exhibit does not capture every type of wood carving that is created today. There are many other sculptures being created in workshops!

Carvings in this exhibit are predominately wood. Species used include Basswood, Tupelo, Cottonwood bark, and perhaps maple or other hardwoods. You will find glass eyes, and some metal elements are used for structure and display. Paints include acrylics, oils, powder pigments, polishes and various finishes. Textures are created with knives, gouges, wood burners and micro-grinders.

Artist Statement: Since 1987, Prairie Canada Carvers Association has promoted carving as a legitimate art form, and a splendid artistic pursuit that promotes self development, camaraderie and expression.  Prairie Canada organizes an annual Competition and Show which includes workshops and seminars. Carvers from across the Prairies, Ontario and our Southern neighbors gather each spring to compete with their latest carving creations. Carving clubs from many communities bring their displays and participate in this gathering. Prairie Canada is pleased to assemble this exhibition of representative carvings.


September – November
“Déterré / Unearthed”
Acrylic Paintings / Mixed Media


EXHIBITION STATEMENT: Unearthed / I’ve always had an affinity for bygone objects. Walking my property, which dates back to the early 1900’s, I discovered many discarded items along the embankment of the Rat River. Each brought forth the inevitable questions; ‘Who used them? What was their purpose? Why were they cast away and when?’ Although I was disheartened to see all this antiquated debris, I realized that Mother Nature still thrived and together they coexisted. Integrating the past and the present, Déterré/Unearthed speaks of our environment’s adaptation to evolution and the issues impacting our society.


Déterré / J’ai toujours eu un intérêt pour les objets du passé. En marchant sur ma propriété, dont l’origine remonte au début des années 1900, j’ai découvert de nombreux objets jetés le long de la rive de la Rivière-aux-Rats. Chacun d’eux amène son lot de questions: qui l’a utilisé? dans quel but? pourquoi a-t-il été jeté et quand? Bien que je sois désolée de voir tous ces débris anciens, je réalise que Mère Nature prospère malgré leur présence et coexiste avec ces objets. Faisant coexister le passé et le présent, Déterré parle de l’adaptation de notre environnement à l’évolution et aux enjeux de notre société. 


Biography : Candace Lipischak is a multidisciplinary Franco-Métis artist from Manitoba. Having worked in graphic design for over 10 years they branched out even more creatively in 2015 as a jewelry designer and owner of Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewelry.

Drawing on their Métis roots and love of nature, Candace also began creating visual art. By painting and incorporating many mediums such as antler, recycled tin and miscellaneous parts, Lipischak found a way of telling a different story while raising awareness about environmental and social issues.

Past exhibitions include WAG@theForks, Wasagaming Community Arts Gallery, Edge Gallery, Warehouse Artworks and La Maison des artistes visuels francophones. Her work can be seen at TDS Law located in True North Square, Winnipeg.


Candace Lipischak est artiste multidisciplinaire Franco-métisse du Manitoba. Étant graphiste pour au-delà de dix ans, elle s’est inspirée des ramures de cervidés et est devenue sculpteur/propriétaire de sa compagnie Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewelry en 2015.

Inspirée par sa culture Métis et son amour pour la nature, Candace s’est aussi mise à créer de l’art visual. Avec de la peinture et en incorporant certains médiums comme des ramures, de l’étain réclamé de sa propriété et de pièces diverses, Lipischak a trouvé une façon de raconter une différente histoire tout en mettant en évidence des enjeux sociaux et de l’environnement.

Ses expositions passées incluent WAG@the Forks, WasagamingCommunity Arts Gallery, Edge Gallery, Warehouse Artworks et La Maison des artistes visuels francophones. On peut voir ses oeuvresdans les nouveaux bureau de TDS Law, situé au True North Square à Winnipeg.  

Déterré / Unearthed is presented in partnership with La Maison des artistes visuels francophones. Supported by Canadian Heritage.


“HST… Not Another Tax!”


“Our group challenge this year was to make a quilted article that used principally half—square triangles– hence the HST abbreviation. Half-square triangles are made by sewing two squares of fabric together stitching on the diagonal, cutting the fabric 1/4 inches away from the diagonal stitching line, pressing the two pieces of fabric open, and voila, a square that has two triangles!

We decided that about 90% of the article that we made should be half-square triangles. In our search for patterns, we found that HSTs could be used in an endless variety of arrangements to yield vastly different quilts. Not only that, the HSTs could be made in many different sizes thereby increasing the variations within one quilt. Or they could be made one at a time or up to 8 at a time; so, if time is a factor, 8 HSTs at a time is good.

Our display includes quilts in all sizes—from queen size to lap quilts. As well there will be table toppers or table runners. There could be some bags featuring half-square triangles…”  – Jelly Rolls & Fat Quarters Quilting Group


March & April
“All About Trees”
Photography & Woodcarvings

Artist statement : All about trees is a collection of fine art photography and hand-carved wood spirits. In centuries past, travelers assured their safety through forests by carving wood spirits on walking sticks or pieces of wood and bark. These carvings appeased the spirits thus the traveler was allowed to enter and leave the forest without difficulty. Capturing a glimpse of a wood spirit in the forest was said to be lucky, it guaranteed health, happiness, and good fortune. Trees represent harmony, unity and connections between heaven and Earth, the past and the present, death and rebirth. Being amongst the trees may evoke a feeling of mindfulness, leading us to more aware and compassionate toward our surroundings. As you wander through the exhibit, we hope that you are inspired to explore your surroundings to find beauty amongst the trees and forests.

Artist Biographies

Profile-photo-20110803-IMG_39281-300x300Elaine O’Keeffe : Elaine feels at peace when surrounded by trees and is drawn to their beauty. Exploring forests, or any areas with a lot of trees, is like being hugged by nature. Whether capturing a seasonal moment, or revealing a hidden treasure, Elaine’s goal is to reveal each tree’s spirit and beauty, as well as the emotion that they evoke.
Elaine is a member of the Winnipeg South Photo Club and served as President for the 2012-13 year. She served as the clubs Exhibit Coordinator during 2016 – 2018, coordinating seven exhibits for the club.
Elaine is on the planning committee for Manitoba Photo Events. This team represents three photo clubs in Winnipeg – Manitoba Camera Club, Manitoba Foto Friends and Winnipeg South Photo Club. The clubs have come together to bring photography speakers that educate and inspire the local photographic community in Manitoba. The speaker for 2019 is Michelle Valberg. Past speakers have been Andre Gallant, David DuChemin, Paul Zizka, Dave Brosha, Andre Gallant, Darwin Wiggett/Samantha Chrysanthou, David DuChemin, Dave Brosha and Paul Zizka.


Liam Toms : An emerging artist, Liam has always been drawn to the outdoors. While exploring in nature, he discovers pieces of wood which seem to have a spirit that is waiting to be revealed. An avid illustrator and carver, Liam has a talent for bringing to life the character and essence within. His art reveals itself chip by chip, first to the artist and then to the viewer.



January 14th – February 28th
“Family Portraits”

Chalk Pastels

Violet and Jasmine2

Artist Statement : I love to create art … I use all different mediums such as oil paints, acrylic, water colour, clay hand built sculptures etc. Usually my choice of medium depends on what I want to depict and how. As I pondered what medium to create this series of artworks “Family Portraits” I decided to use chalk pastels. I love the softness of the pastels and the hand blending techniques : chalk pastels were perfect for such personal artwork creations. I create larger scale portrait drawings using chalk pastel on vellum surface paper or pastel paper. I work from photographs that have struck a chord in my heart and have begged to be reproduced by my hand. “Family Portraits” will become timeless treasures : a moment in time captured forever on paper with chalk pastel. When I work on each piece my thoughts are about one I am drawing… it almost seems like I get lost in creating with the one I am depicting : it is a very good place to be.  – Mary Wood – McNeil

Bio : Born in Manitou, Manitoba, Mary is a multi disciplined artist: she grew up in rural Manitoba on a mixed farm in the Pembina Valley. As a child she was continually drawing and sketching her world as she has seen it: visually depicting the scenic beauty, animals, and family that surrounded her.  She is a painter and sculptor  who loves to create : it is the subject matter that dictates the medium most suitable in depicting what is coming from her heart. She favours painting and hand building sculptures with clay, although recently has acquired a love of chalk pastels.

Although Mary is basically a self taught artist, her art has developed professionally over a period of 30 years through University courses as well as working along side many talented acclaimed artists.  Mary sites the Canadian Group of Seven as her first inspiration for creating art: over the years many artists have made an influence on her personal art style. However it has become clear to her that the true inspiration for her art work comes from God. He dictates what to create and who it is for: her art is considered prophetic art that has a purpose.

Her work has won awards for advancement and recognition and has been exhibited in art shows in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota. Her art is in private collections across Canada.

Mary recently retired from Parkwest school division, where she taught high school art, and facilitated government programs such as ArtSmarts and Arts Education Access throughout the division . She has taught many adults and students art classes from her  studio in Russell, Manitoba. Her and her husband have moved to Somerset, Manitoba where Mary continues to create art and love art !



November & December 2019


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October 1 – November 16, 2019
Fibre Art

Jack: Conversations with Myself – the Early Years By Anne de Verteuil
Jack: Conversations with Myself – the Later Years By Terry Aske

Exhibit Statement :
Conversations is an exhibition based upon the conversation between two artists. 24 partnered pairs through joint discussion will set the boundaries for their imagery so that the two pieces will respond or relate to each other.


September 2019
“Manitoba Moments”
Fibre Art

Exhibition Statement: In any season, rural or urban, Manitoba is a beautiful province. TFAM members have recreated their special moment or memory of Manitoba in fibre. Which one will resonate with you? The work of over 20 TFAM members is represented in this exhibition.

 The Textile aimage 4nd Fibre Artists of Manitoba (TFAM) is an inclusive group of diverse Manitoba based artists whose foundation rests on the four pillars of education, networking, exhibiting and promoting fibre as an art form. TFAM’s membership includes emerging and established artists as well as teachers and designers. All forms of fibre-based art are encouraged and created. Many members have been recognized both nationally and internationally for their work. ‘Manitoba Moments’ will be our first exhibit as a group.



August 2019
“Landfill Gallery”
Mixed Media
Artists Statement: I’m compelled to collage found objects sculpturally or two dimensionally trying to resolve some deep curiosity within me in my art- never arriving but always getting closer to the next level of change in my practice. While currently pursuing ceramics I’m navigating my thoughts to mixing clay and found objects inclusively as a blended form. It’s exciting to work with a malleable material forever changed into a permanent object or art piece. Art is my therapy where I’m able to recharge and find solace in these times of uncertainty.

AnnettAnnette 1e Henderson is a mixed-media collage artist currently enrolled in Fine Arts program at Brandon University majoring in Ceramics. Growing up on a dairy farm near St. Claude, MB, found objects and abandoned farm equipment was a resource for her creativity. Rusted metals inspires her to see more deeply into what it can be and she tries to keep her audience entertained giving new life to found objects. Annette’s work has been selected for exhibition in Manitoba Arts Network’s Annual Rural and Northern Art Shows in Winnipeg and Entomological Societies of Manitoba and Canada also held in Winnipeg, MB in 2002. She has been a regular participant in the Central Region Juried Art show which her work has been selected to tour Manitoba communities for years. Annette’s work has been featured in group shows in The Art Show in St. Claude, MB Community Hall, St. Claude health Centre, Rathwell; Odds & Ends at Portage District Arts Centre, (PDAC), and Survivability at Mentoring Art for Women’s Art (MAWA) both in Winnipeg and Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM). Her work also featured in solo exhibitions Mixed Media by Annette Henderson at the Tiger Hills Arts Association, Holland, MB; Dames, Damsels and Sheep at Portage District Arts Centre (PDAC), Portage la Prairie, MB and Works by Annette Henderson at the Heritage Arts Centre, Hamiota, MB. She has had the privilege of being mentored by Pauline Braun of Winnipeg, MB Anne Fallis of Carberry, MB, and Barb Flemington of Brandon, MB. Her work can be found in the Manitoba Government Art Collection and in private collections. Annette maintains her art practice from her home studio near Rathwell, MB.



 July 2019
“CRJAE Touring Exhibit”
Various Mediums
The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is organized by the Central Cultural Council which is comprised of representatives from the Tiger Hills Arts Association, Golden Prairie Arts Council, Portage & District Arts Council, Pembina Hills Arts Council and Recreation and Regional Services Central Region. The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is open to artists & artisans of all levels aged 15 years or older who are residents of the Central Region. The CRJAE aims to promote artists within the central region by providing them with the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting, gain exposure to the general public, as well as have their work seen in within their local communities. Artists in rural Manitoba often have limited access to development opportunities and this exhibit is a wonderful occasion to receive professional feedback on their work. Each piece of artwork is juried and on display to the public for one evening during the “37th Annual Central Region Juried Art Exhibit”,  40-45 artworks are also selected by the jurors for the touring portion of the CRJAE exhibit. The touring portion of the exhibit will be on display at the Tiger Hills Arts Association for the month of May, and will then travel to the 3 other councils. The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is supported by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Province of Manitoba.


May 2019

“Botanical Beadwork : Explorations of the Natural Form”


Beadwork is both art and memory. It is the result of centuries of intercultural exchange between Europeans and First Nations. Realistic natural motifs expressed in dyed porcupine quills or animal hair and shells are enhanced or replaced by colourful glass beads made in Bohemian, French, Russian, German, and Italian factories. These motifs are further integrated into French and English needlework patterns on a backdrop of home-tanned hide or fine black and red wool, creating an art-form that is both ancient and vibrant.

In my work at Festival du Voyageur’s historic Fort Gibraltar, I use beadwork as a launching point to discussing Indigenous women’s roles in the fur trade as skilled producers and astute traders of consumer and luxury goods, partners to powerful men in a new capitalist economy, and as economic and spiritual cornerstones in their own communities. I encourage my historic interpreters to try beadwork as a way of understanding the difficult and painstaking labour that these women put into their lives. I hope this exhibit succeeds in doing just that: connecting you to our collective past through a unique art-form.

Many of the pieces in this exhibit focus on botanical themes. I’ve tried to create both realistic and fantastic forms of plant life in Manitoba in much the same way as Indigenous artists have, but I’ve also tried to draw on influences from pop culture, French embroidery, and my own imagination.

My success as a beader is entirely due to the patience and guidance of several people.

I am thankful for the enthusiastic support I’ve received from Amelia Fay, the curator of the Hudson’s Bay Company Collections at the Manitoba Museum. Many of the pieces in this exhibit are copied or inspired by the beautiful works in the HBC Collection, and without Amelia’s help, it would have been even more challenging to reproduce these pieces.

I am also indebted to Jennine Krauchi, who I’ve worked with over the past few years, is one such expert whose expertise, generosity, and kindness make her one of the best beadwork teachers one could ever hope for. It is due to her perseverance and patience that I’ve been able to go from anthropologist by training to artist by accident.

And finally, I am thankful for the love and encouragement provided by my family of birth and my family of choice. Thanks Mum, Suzie, and Jaisen! And also, thanks to Deb and Neil, Caylie, Joey, Garrett, Christy, and last but not least James. Your pragmatic approach to my art and your patient support is always appreciated.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, MB
Trained anthropologist, natural historic interpreter, accidental artist.

My interest in beadwork started when I was young. Despite not being Indigenous, I was inspired by beautiful Oji-Cree beadwork from St. Therese Point in northern Manitoba in our home. My mother, being a labour and delivery nurse at St. Boniface hospital, acquired these pieces, like pairs of moccasins and a tikinaagan (cradleboard), as gifts from women whose children she delivered. As I grew older, my interest in the past deepened, as did my passion for speaking to strangers about topics I like.


 June 2019


 April 2019
“Prairie Perspectives”
Fibre Art


pic2The Fibre Art Divas formed as a group in 2014, with the idea of sharing their mutual interest in fibre arts, encouraging and supporting each other, sharing ideas and gaining inspiration.  Our group is made up of Manitoba Fibre Artists from Lockport, Manitou, Niverville, St. Claude, Springfield, Treherne, West St. Paul and Winnipeg. Prairie Perspectives is our first exhibit as a group. This exhibit has been well received at other Manitoba Art Galleries and we are so pleased to be able to share our “Prairie Perspectives” exhibit with your community.


March 2019
Acrylic Paintings


ARTIST STATEMENT: My name is Shannon Besser, I’m 32 and married to my high school sweetheart Keith Besser. Together we have an 11 year old Son named Hayden. We live in a small town, and prefer a quiet simple life. About 5 years ago my son was given an art set at Christmas, and so we sat down at the kitchen table to paint and little did I know my life would change because of it. I had always dreamt of being an Artist, painting beautiful scenes and creating art. But was under the impression one had to know what they were doing before diving into a world of paints and mediums. As we sat and painted I created my first of many paintings to follow. I painted a crow on a branch with feathers and details I seen in my minds eye. I was so proud. From that moment on I began the task of education myself, learning through what felt like mostly constant failure. And often still is, but I’ve been able to look back and see how far I’ve come. I encourage as many people as possible to pick up a paint brush, because you never know… It might just change your life.


January 22 – February 28, 2019
“Call of the Wild”


Biography : Matthew Henry is a sixteen year old photographer from Treherne, Manitoba. His focus is telling the stories of wildlife with intimate portraits, but he still takes time to capture the beautiful landscapes of Canada and the world. The goal of Matthew’s photography is to evoke emotions from the viewers, thus creating an appreciation for our natural world, and inspiring them to protect our environment. Matthew has a conservation focus with his photography. His photos can help expose viewers to a world many do not get to witness, and this can create awareness for our animal species that need protection. For the past for years Matthew has been on a journey of self discovery through photography and developed an intense appreciation for nature and the systems within it. His hope is that you are inspired enough by his photography to go out and explore nature and share in his appreciation.

Website : Matthew Henry Photography


November & December 2018


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October 2018
“Here, There & Everywhere”

Artist statement: Here, there and everywhere is a collection of fine art photography taken in locally and abroad. I am drawn to see the beauty our world has to share. Each place I visit has so much to offer visually and emotionally. I try to capture the heart and soul of each place I visit. As you wander through the exhibit, I hope that you are inspired to explore your surroundings near and far and see its beauty.

Profile-photo-20110803-IMG_39281-300x300As Elaine explores, she is inspired by the beauty that surrounds her. She aims to capture those special moments, whether it is in the scenery that surrounds her, the people within it, or hidden treasures. Her goal is to capture the inner character and vibrancy of whatever she is photographing so that others may see it too.

Elaine O’Keeffe Photography Website – Click Here

September 2018
Acrylic & Watercolor Painting

Artist Statement: “I have been painting and teaching beginner and intermediate art classes for over 20 years now. I have had a life long interest in art and cannot remember a time I wasn’t sketching. I love teaching art; watching a person open up and begin to enjoy creating is wonderful. Nature is my inspiration and living on a farm in Mather Manitoba holds beauty in the land daily and seasonally. Horses, dogs, cats; love them all and I am fortunate enough to have wonderful pet friends. I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario and my love of lakes, trees, rocks stems from that. You can see more of my art on Facebook – Jeanine Turnbull Farm Art Gallery.” – Jeanine Turnbull


summerdelightphotography (155 of 295)

August 2018

Artist Bio : Born and raised in Manitoba, Father and sister by her side, surrounded by big dreams, laughter, and love. She grew up into a strong, beautiful, brilliant young woman with a crazy passion for life, and capturing its moments. She provides light through dark times, peace in chaos, and love when its needed most. Her desire to live her life to the fullest, is everything. Not wasting a moment of any day, she pushes and pushes until she gets where she wants to be, and once she gets there she keeps pushing. She is diligent, she is focused, yet she is humble in her success. Her journey is still just beginning, yet shes already come so far.

Summer Delight Photography has a way of making you feel like her best friend. She brings out confidence in everyone she works with. She feels the moments, and captures them so you’re able to hang on to those memories forever. Whether it be your little one who just came into the world, or the moment you asked someone to spend the rest of your lives together, or showcasing what your most passionate about. She holds herself to high standards and is continuously raising the bar. She is diligent, focused, fearless and full of life as shown through her images. Her art is beautiful, and timeless.



July 2018
“Three, Two, One – Create”
Fiber Arts & Photography

 Artists’ Statement

Over the past decade the three artists have been working together.  The photographer, Don Zeghers, takes artistic photos during vacations and daily events that often inspire Krista Zeghers and Coreen Zerr.  Together the three artists will confer on various photos that can be combined or altered to produce a new image.  Sometimes Don will go out and purposefully find photographic subject matter specific to the fibre artists’ needs.  A triangle of collaboration has occurred.

The exhibit, “Three, Two, One – Create” is a play on words, but has a larger meaning for this show.  There are three artists (Don Zeghers, Krista Zeghers and Coreen Zerr) using two artistic mediums (photography and fibre art) in one exhibit to depict the creative process.

Each of the pieces in “Three, Two, One – Create” involves a collaboration between the artists.  One piece, Serengeti Moment, exemplifies collaboration between all three artists.  Two of Don’s African images were chosen to inspire one fibre art piece.  Krista and Coreen collaborated across 3,000 miles, coming together only twice to complete the piece.  Serengeti Moment has been a very popular piece, has toured extensively in the USA and Canada, and has won many awards for the three artists!

Other collaborations involve Don, the photographer, and one fibre artist, either Krista or Coreen.  The process begins with Don and one of the fibre artists discussing images.  Once one specific photograph of Don’s is chosen the fibre artist uses that image to create a design.  When completed the fibre art piece is then labeled with the original photo crediting the photographer.  Don then photographs the completed fibre artwork that can then be used for exhibit submissions, gallery books, note cards, calendars, etc.  A truly recursive relationship for the three artists!!

Krista Zeghers Biography: Krista and her husband, Don, live in the small town of Treherne, located in the Tiger Hills region of Manitoba and they winter in Mesa, Arizona.  For inspiration and collegiality, Krista belongs to Fibre Arts Network (FAN) in Canada; Fibre Arts Divas and Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba (TFAM) in Manitoba; and Mavericks and Fibre Artist Meet and Explore (FAME) while in Arizona.  Various fibre art works of Krista’s have hung at galleries and juried quilt shows across North America including the Manitoba Central Region Juried Art Show, Tiger Hills Arts Association Gallery, Manitoba Prairie Quilt Show, Canadian Juried Show, Grand Nationals,  Arizona Quilt Show and Road to California Quilt Show.

Don Zeghers Biography: Don and his wife, Krista, reside in rural Manitoba.  Don farmed for many years in the Holland area.  He became interested in photography as a way to capture nature’s beauty.  He is inspired by landscapes, scenery, and urban images.  He enjoys photographing in both local and foreign areas.  He has displayed his works through the Tiger Hills Arts Association, Central Region Juried Art Show and the Rural and Northern Art Shows in Manitoba.

Coreen Zerr Biography: Living and photographing on picturesque Vancouver Island furnishes Coreen with exquisite natural images.  She uses images to draw her viewer into the scene to experience and enjoy the beauty.  Coreen’s interpretation of the landscape and nature leans toward a realistic voice, as she constantly experiments with new techniques and products to incorporate reality into her pieces.  Coreen’s fibre art works have been displayed throughout North America and she is also a highly regarded fibre art teacher.


June 2018

“Quilt Challenge 2018”

quilt photo

“Our challenge for this past season was to start with a quilt panel. It was a panel of our choice, it could be cut and pieced in any fashion as long as the entire panel was used in our project. The project was also our choice being a large quilt, lap quilt, baby quilt, wall hanging, table runner etc.  We hope that you enjoy our display and welcome you to join us at Canada Day Celebrations at the Ag Grounds in Holland for our annual quilt show. On that day we will be announcing the winners of this year’s challenge.” -JRFQ Quiting Club


May 2018
Touring Exhibit
Various Mediums


The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is organized by the Central Cultural Council which is comprised of representatives from the Tiger Hills Arts Association, Golden Prairie Arts Council, Portage & District Arts Council, Pembina Hills Arts Council and Recreation and Regional Services Central Region. The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is open to artists & artisans of all levels aged 15 years or older who are residents of the Central Region. The CRJAE aims to promote artists within the central region by providing them with the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting, gain exposure to the general public, as well as have their work seen in within their local communities. Artists in rural Manitoba often have limited access to development opportunities and this exhibit is a wonderful occasion to receive professional feedback on their work. Each piece of artwork is juried and on display to the public for one evening during the “37th Annual Central Region Juried Art Exhibit”,  40-45 artworks are also selected by the jurors for the touring portion of the CRJAE exhibit. The touring portion of the exhibit will be on display at the Tiger Hills Arts Association for the month of May, and will then travel to the 3 other councils. The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is supported by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Province of Manitoba.


April 2018
“A Moment in Time”
Fibre Art


Artist’s Statement – “A Moment in Time” 

Having once owned an architectural antiques business, I love looking back at the past. Whether it’s an old house and its heritage, or a person glimpsed in an antique photograph, their stories call to me.
When I see people in an old photograph, I wonder what lives those people lived, and why they chose to have a photo taken at that moment in time. I am drawn in by the character written in these people’s faces, their gestures and posture.
Working from vintage black and white or sepia photographs allows me to imagine the lives of these people, and to choose what details, and colours, best express my vision. Researching the era of the photographs, and the clothing styles gives me further insight. I use these elements as a starting point for a composition that brings these people to life.
As the work is created, fabrics are carefully chosen for their ability to mimic both dimension and texture. A finishing touch is machine stitching to add fine details and depth to the composition.
I combine a love of history, and a curiosity about people from the past, to capture character in fabric.

Valerie Wilson – Biography

These are not your grandmother’s quilts. If you were to join Valerie in her home for tea and cookies, you would see a group of ladies at a garden party – in a quilt on the wall. Valerie Wilson is a fibre artist with a passion for using fabric to create pictures. Looking closely at her art, you will see the layers of small pieces of fabric, blended together with stitching, to create the appearance of a painting. Valerie has been quilting for the last 14 years and combines her love of fabric with the themes of nature and people.

Valerie has a refreshing sense of fibre artistry that captures the viewer and makes them linger on every intricate detail. She has a clear love of the outdoors and the natural colour schemes of flowers, trees and landscape.

Having been the owner of an architectural antiques business, Valerie maintains a keen interest in old houses and the people who lived in them. This is evident in Valerie’s current series of vintage portraits, which are based on those brilliant old photos depicting the way we once were. You are drawn in by the whimsical titles and led to wonder – “What were they thinking and doing in that time and place?” Valerie combines a love of history, and a curiosity about people who lived in the past, to capture character in fabric.

Always seeking knowledge, and wanting to develop her expertise further, Valerie has trained with fibre artists from around the world. With a love for being involved in any organization of which she is a member, Valerie became the Fibre Art Network (FAN) Membership Co-ordinator in 2004, when she joined this co-operative of professional, Western Canadian fibre artists.

Valerie’s award winning art has been shown across Canada, and internationally. Since 2004, Valerie has been the Membership Coordinator for the Fibre Art Network, a cooperative of professional Western Canadian fibre artists, and in 2016 became a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). Valerie teaches regularly in her home town of Winnipeg, and travel teaches across Canada.

Valerie was born in Carberry, Manitoba, amongst the rolling sand hills. Craving change, she sampled life in the university town of Kitchener-Waterloo for a few years, but then decided that she could no longer resist the pull of the sunny climes of Manitoba, and now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


March 2018
Mixed Media

Bio: Robert (Bob) Hogue – Born in 1941 and raised in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Bob spent several years of his youth living in Seven Sister Falls north of Winnipeg where he spent his spare time playing hockey and camping. He is a relative of the famous Metis leader Louis Riel. It was not unusual for him to be away in the woods for several days at a time. It was in those days that he came to appreciate nature and the outdoors.
At an early age Bob showed promise as an artist, and he kept it with him while he apprenticed as a “Sign Painter”. In those days sign painters painted everything by hand, it was before the computer age.
Bob moved to BC in 1967 and to Nanaimo in 1971 where he owned and operated “Classic Signs”, which allowed him to stay in touch with his artistic talent. He has recently left the business world to pursue his dreams of traveling and painting wildlife for a living.


January 17 – February 28 2018
Oil Paintings

carlesfield inn

“My painterly Excursions to South Central Rural Manitoba”

Here on display is a collection of 26 oil paintings inspired by my three short excursions to the region of Southern Manitoba that I have never explored before. With painterly approach and broad-brush strokes, I attempt to showcase the natural beauty of the land and the rich cultural history of the place across the seven municipalities represented by Tiger Hills Arts Association. As a painter, I will certainly be so much satisfied if the viewers will vicariously experience the same thrills and excitement as I did when I first caught sight of this beautiful land of Rural Manitoba. – Weiming Zhao

windmillTHAAEmmanual Church

About Weiming Zhao : Growing up in the sixties in a remote northwestern part of China during the Cultural Revolution, Weiming Zhao used his passion for painting and drawing as an escape f20170812_120901_001rom the difficult times.

In the late seventies Weiming taught himself to read and speak English from a book on pronunciation. His studies led him to a ten-year career teaching English as a second language in China and eventually to Canada to pursue further studies at Brandon University in 1991. After five years’ separation from his wife and daughter, Weiming got reunited with his family here in Canada in 1995 and settled in Brandon ever since then.
After a hiatus from painting and drawing of almost three decades, Weiming’s childhood passion for art was rekindled. It was in the summer of 2003 in Lake of Woods, Ontario where he once again picked up his brushes, paint and easel and has not stopped since. The result is a portfolio of over 6000 paintings and sketches created en plein air (in open air), and 18 solo exhibitions, and his painting was collected all across Canada , United State, Russian , England and China. 14 of his paintings are included in Manitoba Provincial Art Collection.


November & December 2017


There are no art exhibits in the Gallery during our annual Boutique Blitz! The Gallery space transforms  into the ultimate shopping experience, welcoming new vendors and returning seasonal favorites! Shop local  this holiday season, and choose from a variety of handmade unique items made by local artisans!


Saturday December 2nd
Join us for a hot drink & a cookie!
10:00 am -1:00 pm

Thursday December 7th
Enjoy hot cider and snacks while you browse our selection!
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


October 2017
“Pride & Joy”
Mixed Media Paintings

pride and joy cropped

​The art work featured in this exhibit represents the artist’s PRIDE in her home and country as well as the JOY she finds in the beauty of nature that surrounds her farm.  This mixed media show contains watercolour, pen and ink, and acrylic paintings in a variety of sizes and price ranges. It’s a very Canadian collection that hopefully inspires feelings of peace, joy and pride in our heritage. 

Karen PotterKaren was born, raised and lives on a Century family farm on the edge of the scenic Pembina Valley in Manitoba. She recently retired from Prairie Spirit School Division where she worked as a Middle School Librarian for many years and is looking forward to devoting more time to her art. The beautiful landscape of her home, her strong family and farm roots deeply influence her art. She learned to love creating as a young girl from her mother who was a talented, self taught artist. Wherever possible Karen continued to take classes and watch and learn from her fellow artists.

She draws, paints, sews and has dabbled in many different art forms. She likes to make a statement with bold colours and dramatic pieces.

 Karen loves the creative process itself which means that she is always open to try any new artistic endeavor and to share the joy of creating with others.


September 2017
“Tractors and More”
Oil Painting, Photography & Sculpture


goodpic-of-momLiving on a rural farm in Southern Manitoba for 35 years has given Susan Crawford-Young the opportunity to observe life from a different perspective. Large open fields, wildlife and farming practices are some of the scenes that Susan depicts in her work. Painting in acrylic, oil and watercolor and creating pottery from clay found on her own farm. With a background in Engineering and working in her father’s machine shop for a brief time has given her an appreciation for the work that goes in to making and maintaining farm equipment. This equipment and the technology it entails grows the food we eat. It is an artwork all in itself.

Central Region Juried Art Exhibit
August 2017
Various Mediums

Selected pieces of various art mediums from the Central Region Juried Art Show will tour the four Central Region Art Councils throughout the summer. The touring exhibit will be in Holland at the Tiger Hills Arts Association August 2017. This is always a wonderful exhibit showcasing the amazing talent we have in our region. The collection of work embodies various styles, subject matter and mediums.


July 2017
“Wild Imagination”
Digital Art


Wild Imagination: Showcasing the wacky and vibrant characters, monsters and scenes of a constant daydreamer. Fun and comfort are at the heart of these digitally illustrated pieces. All pieces shown have evolved from childhood drawings, random sketches and notes jotted down throughout the years.

2016-07-27 20.17.38

Biography: Colton Balske is an illustrator/writer from Winnipeg. Inspired by the characters and colours of cartoons and storybooks growing up, Colton, now enjoys telling similar stories through vibrant images. When he isn’t drawing, Colton is spending time with his two children or taking time to admire the many changing colours of the prairie sky.


June 2017


Check out Hans’ Biography on his website :


April 1-28 , 2017
“Manitoba Icons”

Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen & Ink Paintings


cropped-header-image2Biography: Born in Ste. Rose du Lac Manitoba in the 1940s and raised in Laurier, Manitoba, all of my early formative years were spent by being part of large family gatherings and growing up with many cousins.

I started drawing while in elementary school and began painting around the age of 12.  In school the teachers would feature my work in the hallways.  During high school I took a correspondence course in illustration art through the Minneapolis School of Art.  Most of my influences as an artist were from literature and exposure to well known artists.  I remember as a child going to my grandmother’s, who was from France, and seeing reproductions of paintings of the French artists Monet and Gauguin and some Canadian artists hanging on her living room walls.  The Group of Seven painters also influenced me.

I have belonged to various art groups over the years and have had public exhibitions of my work.  I displayed and sold through the Hovmand Gallery and the Maple Leaf Gallery.  I’m also interested in photography and painting on ceramic tiles.  I work mainly in the mediums of watercolours, acrylics, oils, and pen and ink.

Many of my paintings are owned by private collectors and companies.  In the 1970s I did a series of pen and ink sketches for The Lance community newspaper.  I also did illustrations for a book of music composed by my cousin Remi Bouchard.

My interests are primarily in the Manitoba scenery and landscape, and the vanishing buildings that our pioneering forefathers built.  These vanishing “prairie sentinels” – grain elevators – that dotted our small communities and held them together are featured in many of my pictures.  The rugged landscape of the pre Cambrian shield, the open prairies, and the unpopulated north draw my attention and inspire me to record these uniquely Manitoba wonders.

I’m currently represented by Wayne Arthur Gallery in Winnipeg, and Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, The Old Church Gallery and Gifts in Minnedosa, Poor Michael’s in Onanole, Tiger Hills Gallery in Holland, and several other small rural galleries in Manitoba. – Joel Bouchard



March  2017
“Multigrains of Energy”
Mixed Media / Acrylic Paints & Grains

5. Mothering Earth VI

Biography: I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. I studied nursing in Wilmington Delaware and worked as a Registered Nurse nearly 30 years in various jobs. I am married and have three adult children and two grand daughters and one grandson. I graduated with a degree in Fine arts in 1980 from University of Minnesota. I took additional classes in art history at University of Manitoba and attended numerous community art history lectures. I have also studied painting, drawing and print making with Canadian artists including Milos Milidrag, Diana Thornycraft, David Garneau, George Gless, Steve Gouthro, Karen Cornelius and Yisa Akinbolaji.

Themes that reoccur in my art are depictions of family life and children’s activities. My art is figurative, impressionistic and the medium I use is acrylic paint products with mixed media. I am fascinated with handmade papers and I make some of the papers used in my art. I collage into my art such products as seeds, twigs, sand, pebbles, small shells, leaves and insects when needed to add to the composition and message of the art.

My art has been represented in the Pulse Gallery in the Forks and Wayne Arthur Gallery in St. Boniface as well as in juried art shows throughout Manitoba, Ontario and Internationally.

Artist Statement: “Health issues, family issues and children’s activities influence my art because of my own family life as a mother and grandmother and my job as a nurse. I am interested in the human and animal figure and their health and the health of our environment.
I am mesmerized by color, pure and vibrant, subtle colours, colour relationships, earth tones and colour psychology. Texture also enthralls me thus my art production is usually mixed media. I’ve enjoyed making paper and embedding materials into it then using that in my mixed media art.
The following artists influence my art: Emily Carr because of her impressive visual expression of nature. Mary Cassatt because of her depictions of family life and family relationships. Kathe Kollwitz because of her determination to show us real life in her time from a woman’s point of view and Daphne Odjig because of her figurative art and vibrant colours showing her aboriginal, female point of view.
Presently I am concentrating on the visual artistic voice related to the importance of our agriculture on our prairies. The beauty, colours, shapes and strengths of the grains grown in our prairies has transfixed me for a long time and I feel strongly that their voice must be heard though art.” – Naomi Gerrard


January 17 – February 24, 2017
“Natural Reflections”


Mike Grandmaison is a talented Canadian photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the ‘Heart of Canada’. He was born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1954 and graduated from Laurentian University with an Honours Bachelor of Sciences degree in Biology in 1976. Following a 20-year career with the Canadian Forest Service in Edmonton and Winnipeg, Mike has been photographing professionally on a full time basis from Winnipeg since 1996. His commercial assignment photography focuses on agriculture, architecture, the environment, gardening, nature, travel and tourism. He manages a full service stock photo agency of one of the finest individual collections of premium photographs from Canada. His work has been widely published in leading magazines and books, and his stunning nature photographs have been employed by some of North America’s top corporations. To view some of Mike’s clients, refer to his Representative Client list.

Mike’s photographs are also available as fine art prints which are prepared and produced with meticulous attention to detail. Fine art prints may be purchased at The Canadian Gallery or locally in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) at Grolle Fine Art.

Mike conducts nature-focused workshops and presents lectures on various photo related topics to numerous organizations. He writes full feature photo articles for many magazines as well as for his own coffee table books. He has been a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine since 2007.

October Art Exhibition

“Bright & Colourful!” by Elizabeth Hiebert
Acrylic Paintings
October 4-28, 2016


Biography – Elizabeth Hiebert – Mile Seven Art Studio

 A self-directed Artist, painting in oils starting in 2004, at the urging of a persistent inner voice that would not be ignored.  Transitioning into acrylics for a series of contemporary abstract and impressionist works for my premiere art show in August, 2012, at the Poser’s Gallery, Morden, entitled “Colours”.  Surprisingly, many of the abstract paintings magically feature images within the colours themselves, to be discovered by the viewer when studying the art in-depth over a period of time.

I am a local artist who enjoys creating works of art that touch the soul and speaks to the emotions of movement and texture.

I reside in Winkler, and am the proud Mom of one daughter.

 “MISSING WOMEN” by Elizabeth Delgatty

A very powerful Art Exhibition of Societal Statements about the Abuse of Women.
September 1 – 30, 2016


Elizabeth Delgatty taught in a public school system for 34 years retiring in 2003. After traveling across Canada and the USA for 6 months she decided to take up watercolour painting, a dream of hers for many years. She took a beginners’ class from Bill Shoup through Winnipeg Parks and Recreation in early 2004 and has continued to take courses through Creative Retirement, Winnipeg Parks and Recreation, Artists’ Emporium, Local Colour Art Group and the Forum Art Institute as well as taking courses in Qualicum, BC and Gimli, MB. She is currently experimenting with mixed media, acrylic and oil as well as continuing with watercolour explorations.


The painting, depict societal statements, such as abortion and domestic violence – all things that make Elizabeth Delgatty angry. “The inspiration I got for them was by listening to CBC Radio… I heard an interview with a woman who said, ‘he was an only child with 13 sisters,’ and that made me really mad so I decided I had to paint it,” she explains. “That was in 2008, and by the time I finished painting it I wasn’t quite so angry… I sold it and it got published in an art textbook, and that was kind of the end of my anger. Things that have made me mad about the unfair treatment of women, I have painted.” Though the paintings may not be considered politically correct, as long as the images are not taken out of context, viewers should be able to see the paintings from the artist’s perspective. “The purpose was to release my anger, but also to get other people angry about the mistreatment of women.”

It is important to make the issues against women a topic of conversation. It is the intention of this exhibit to do just that- inspire others to see the problem and make a change.

AUgust 2016 – linda hanneson
water color & acrylic paintings
august 2 – 31


Linda grew up in an Icelandic community near Langruth called Big Point.  Here, she developed a deep and lasting love and appreciation of nature and the beauty of the marsh and sunsets over Lake Manitoba.  Linda’s very first memory of learning to draw occurred with her Dad, Hallgrimur, teaching her how to draw a horse on the blackboard hanging on the wall in the kitchen of the family farm.

Linda went on to become a school teacher in Portage la Prairie and it was only after her retirement in 2006 that she gave her love of Art her full attention.  Linda taught Art to children and adults at the Portage and District Art Centre as well as in her home studio up until 2014.  She also was active in the Arts Smarts program, the St. James Assiniboia Art program, served as a mentor to young adults through the Arts and Cultural Association of Winnipeg, is a member of the Prairie Ripples Art Club, did weekend workshops, took on private tutoring in preparation for Art entrance requirements, has been a presenter at the Portage School Division’s SAG conference, has exhibited at many juried art shows including the Red River Ex and has had her work selected as People’s Choice Award 3 times as well as selected by the Manitoba Arts Network, 8 times, having these pieces displayed at such locations as the Legislative Building, the Bay, downtown Winnipeg, and the Pavilion at the Assiniboine Park.

Linda’s Art can be found in private collections in Canada and the United States.

“I love the fact that I can make people smile, be curious, and question me regarding the content of my art in relation to the ‘name’ I give the piece.  I have to chuckle when I see the thought they are putting into why I chose a certain name for a certain piece!  I almost never give my point of view, rather, I encourage them to tell ‘me’ why they think the name was chosen.  In my view, art is in the eye of the beholder, and I may see something entirely different from what you may see.  What fun!! There is no wrong answer.” – Linda Hanneson

July 2016 – Central Region juried art
35th annual touring exhibit
July 5 – 27

The top 40 pieces of artwork selected by jurors at the 35th Annual Central Region Juried Art Show. A variety of mediums will be on display produced by the incredibly talented artists in our region. This annual exhibit always gets rave reviews, do not miss it!