Past Exhibitions


November & December 2017


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October 2017
“Pride & Joy”
Mixed Media Paintings

pride and joy cropped

​The art work featured in this exhibit represents the artist’s PRIDE in her home and country as well as the JOY she finds in the beauty of nature that surrounds her farm.  This mixed media show contains watercolour, pen and ink, and acrylic paintings in a variety of sizes and price ranges. It’s a very Canadian collection that hopefully inspires feelings of peace, joy and pride in our heritage. 

Karen PotterKaren was born, raised and lives on a Century family farm on the edge of the scenic Pembina Valley in Manitoba. She recently retired from Prairie Spirit School Division where she worked as a Middle School Librarian for many years and is looking forward to devoting more time to her art. The beautiful landscape of her home, her strong family and farm roots deeply influence her art. She learned to love creating as a young girl from her mother who was a talented, self taught artist. Wherever possible Karen continued to take classes and watch and learn from her fellow artists.

She draws, paints, sews and has dabbled in many different art forms. She likes to make a statement with bold colours and dramatic pieces.

 Karen loves the creative process itself which means that she is always open to try any new artistic endeavor and to share the joy of creating with others.


September 2017
“Tractors and More”
Oil Painting, Photography & Sculpture


goodpic-of-momLiving on a rural farm in Southern Manitoba for 35 years has given Susan Crawford-Young the opportunity to observe life from a different perspective. Large open fields, wildlife and farming practices are some of the scenes that Susan depicts in her work. Painting in acrylic, oil and watercolor and creating pottery from clay found on her own farm. With a background in Engineering and working in her father’s machine shop for a brief time has given her an appreciation for the work that goes in to making and maintaining farm equipment. This equipment and the technology it entails grows the food we eat. It is an artwork all in itself.

Central Region Juried Art Exhibit
August 2017
Various Mediums

Selected pieces of various art mediums from the Central Region Juried Art Show will tour the four Central Region Art Councils throughout the summer. The touring exhibit will be in Holland at the Tiger Hills Arts Association August 2017. This is always a wonderful exhibit showcasing the amazing talent we have in our region. The collection of work embodies various styles, subject matter and mediums.


July 2017
“Wild Imagination”
Digital Art


Wild Imagination: Showcasing the wacky and vibrant characters, monsters and scenes of a constant daydreamer. Fun and comfort are at the heart of these digitally illustrated pieces. All pieces shown have evolved from childhood drawings, random sketches and notes jotted down throughout the years.

2016-07-27 20.17.38

Biography: Colton Balske is an illustrator/writer from Winnipeg. Inspired by the characters and colours of cartoons and storybooks growing up, Colton, now enjoys telling similar stories through vibrant images. When he isn’t drawing, Colton is spending time with his two children or taking time to admire the many changing colours of the prairie sky.


June 2017


Check out Hans’ Biography on his website :


April 1-28 , 2017
“Manitoba Icons”

Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen & Ink Paintings


cropped-header-image2Biography: Born in Ste. Rose du Lac Manitoba in the 1940s and raised in Laurier, Manitoba, all of my early formative years were spent by being part of large family gatherings and growing up with many cousins.

I started drawing while in elementary school and began painting around the age of 12.  In school the teachers would feature my work in the hallways.  During high school I took a correspondence course in illustration art through the Minneapolis School of Art.  Most of my influences as an artist were from literature and exposure to well known artists.  I remember as a child going to my grandmother’s, who was from France, and seeing reproductions of paintings of the French artists Monet and Gauguin and some Canadian artists hanging on her living room walls.  The Group of Seven painters also influenced me.

I have belonged to various art groups over the years and have had public exhibitions of my work.  I displayed and sold through the Hovmand Gallery and the Maple Leaf Gallery.  I’m also interested in photography and painting on ceramic tiles.  I work mainly in the mediums of watercolours, acrylics, oils, and pen and ink.

Many of my paintings are owned by private collectors and companies.  In the 1970s I did a series of pen and ink sketches for The Lance community newspaper.  I also did illustrations for a book of music composed by my cousin Remi Bouchard.

My interests are primarily in the Manitoba scenery and landscape, and the vanishing buildings that our pioneering forefathers built.  These vanishing “prairie sentinels” – grain elevators – that dotted our small communities and held them together are featured in many of my pictures.  The rugged landscape of the pre Cambrian shield, the open prairies, and the unpopulated north draw my attention and inspire me to record these uniquely Manitoba wonders.

I’m currently represented by Wayne Arthur Gallery in Winnipeg, and Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, The Old Church Gallery and Gifts in Minnedosa, Poor Michael’s in Onanole, Tiger Hills Gallery in Holland, and several other small rural galleries in Manitoba. – Joel Bouchard



March  2017
“Multigrains of Energy”
Mixed Media / Acrylic Paints & Grains

5. Mothering Earth VI

Biography: I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. I studied nursing in Wilmington Delaware and worked as a Registered Nurse nearly 30 years in various jobs. I am married and have three adult children and two grand daughters and one grandson. I graduated with a degree in Fine arts in 1980 from University of Minnesota. I took additional classes in art history at University of Manitoba and attended numerous community art history lectures. I have also studied painting, drawing and print making with Canadian artists including Milos Milidrag, Diana Thornycraft, David Garneau, George Gless, Steve Gouthro, Karen Cornelius and Yisa Akinbolaji.

Themes that reoccur in my art are depictions of family life and children’s activities. My art is figurative, impressionistic and the medium I use is acrylic paint products with mixed media. I am fascinated with handmade papers and I make some of the papers used in my art. I collage into my art such products as seeds, twigs, sand, pebbles, small shells, leaves and insects when needed to add to the composition and message of the art.

My art has been represented in the Pulse Gallery in the Forks and Wayne Arthur Gallery in St. Boniface as well as in juried art shows throughout Manitoba, Ontario and Internationally.

Artist Statement: “Health issues, family issues and children’s activities influence my art because of my own family life as a mother and grandmother and my job as a nurse. I am interested in the human and animal figure and their health and the health of our environment.
I am mesmerized by color, pure and vibrant, subtle colours, colour relationships, earth tones and colour psychology. Texture also enthralls me thus my art production is usually mixed media. I’ve enjoyed making paper and embedding materials into it then using that in my mixed media art.
The following artists influence my art: Emily Carr because of her impressive visual expression of nature. Mary Cassatt because of her depictions of family life and family relationships. Kathe Kollwitz because of her determination to show us real life in her time from a woman’s point of view and Daphne Odjig because of her figurative art and vibrant colours showing her aboriginal, female point of view.
Presently I am concentrating on the visual artistic voice related to the importance of our agriculture on our prairies. The beauty, colours, shapes and strengths of the grains grown in our prairies has transfixed me for a long time and I feel strongly that their voice must be heard though art.” – Naomi Gerrard


January 17 – February 24, 2017
“Natural Reflections”


Mike Grandmaison is a talented Canadian photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the ‘Heart of Canada’. He was born in Sudbury, Ontario in 1954 and graduated from Laurentian University with an Honours Bachelor of Sciences degree in Biology in 1976. Following a 20-year career with the Canadian Forest Service in Edmonton and Winnipeg, Mike has been photographing professionally on a full time basis from Winnipeg since 1996. His commercial assignment photography focuses on agriculture, architecture, the environment, gardening, nature, travel and tourism. He manages a full service stock photo agency of one of the finest individual collections of premium photographs from Canada. His work has been widely published in leading magazines and books, and his stunning nature photographs have been employed by some of North America’s top corporations. To view some of Mike’s clients, refer to his Representative Client list.

Mike’s photographs are also available as fine art prints which are prepared and produced with meticulous attention to detail. Fine art prints may be purchased at The Canadian Gallery or locally in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) at Grolle Fine Art.

Mike conducts nature-focused workshops and presents lectures on various photo related topics to numerous organizations. He writes full feature photo articles for many magazines as well as for his own coffee table books. He has been a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine since 2007.

October Art Exhibition

“Bright & Colourful!” by Elizabeth Hiebert
Acrylic Paintings
October 4-28, 2016


Biography – Elizabeth Hiebert – Mile Seven Art Studio

 A self-directed Artist, painting in oils starting in 2004, at the urging of a persistent inner voice that would not be ignored.  Transitioning into acrylics for a series of contemporary abstract and impressionist works for my premiere art show in August, 2012, at the Poser’s Gallery, Morden, entitled “Colours”.  Surprisingly, many of the abstract paintings magically feature images within the colours themselves, to be discovered by the viewer when studying the art in-depth over a period of time.

I am a local artist who enjoys creating works of art that touch the soul and speaks to the emotions of movement and texture.

I reside in Winkler, and am the proud Mom of one daughter.

 “MISSING WOMEN” by Elizabeth Delgatty

A very powerful Art Exhibition of Societal Statements about the Abuse of Women.
September 1 – 30, 2016


Elizabeth Delgatty taught in a public school system for 34 years retiring in 2003. After traveling across Canada and the USA for 6 months she decided to take up watercolour painting, a dream of hers for many years. She took a beginners’ class from Bill Shoup through Winnipeg Parks and Recreation in early 2004 and has continued to take courses through Creative Retirement, Winnipeg Parks and Recreation, Artists’ Emporium, Local Colour Art Group and the Forum Art Institute as well as taking courses in Qualicum, BC and Gimli, MB. She is currently experimenting with mixed media, acrylic and oil as well as continuing with watercolour explorations.


The painting, depict societal statements, such as abortion and domestic violence – all things that make Elizabeth Delgatty angry. “The inspiration I got for them was by listening to CBC Radio… I heard an interview with a woman who said, ‘he was an only child with 13 sisters,’ and that made me really mad so I decided I had to paint it,” she explains. “That was in 2008, and by the time I finished painting it I wasn’t quite so angry… I sold it and it got published in an art textbook, and that was kind of the end of my anger. Things that have made me mad about the unfair treatment of women, I have painted.” Though the paintings may not be considered politically correct, as long as the images are not taken out of context, viewers should be able to see the paintings from the artist’s perspective. “The purpose was to release my anger, but also to get other people angry about the mistreatment of women.”

It is important to make the issues against women a topic of conversation. It is the intention of this exhibit to do just that- inspire others to see the problem and make a change.

AUgust 2016 – linda hanneson
water color & acrylic paintings
august 2 – 31


Linda grew up in an Icelandic community near Langruth called Big Point.  Here, she developed a deep and lasting love and appreciation of nature and the beauty of the marsh and sunsets over Lake Manitoba.  Linda’s very first memory of learning to draw occurred with her Dad, Hallgrimur, teaching her how to draw a horse on the blackboard hanging on the wall in the kitchen of the family farm.

Linda went on to become a school teacher in Portage la Prairie and it was only after her retirement in 2006 that she gave her love of Art her full attention.  Linda taught Art to children and adults at the Portage and District Art Centre as well as in her home studio up until 2014.  She also was active in the Arts Smarts program, the St. James Assiniboia Art program, served as a mentor to young adults through the Arts and Cultural Association of Winnipeg, is a member of the Prairie Ripples Art Club, did weekend workshops, took on private tutoring in preparation for Art entrance requirements, has been a presenter at the Portage School Division’s SAG conference, has exhibited at many juried art shows including the Red River Ex and has had her work selected as People’s Choice Award 3 times as well as selected by the Manitoba Arts Network, 8 times, having these pieces displayed at such locations as the Legislative Building, the Bay, downtown Winnipeg, and the Pavilion at the Assiniboine Park.

Linda’s Art can be found in private collections in Canada and the United States.

“I love the fact that I can make people smile, be curious, and question me regarding the content of my art in relation to the ‘name’ I give the piece.  I have to chuckle when I see the thought they are putting into why I chose a certain name for a certain piece!  I almost never give my point of view, rather, I encourage them to tell ‘me’ why they think the name was chosen.  In my view, art is in the eye of the beholder, and I may see something entirely different from what you may see.  What fun!! There is no wrong answer.” – Linda Hanneson

July 2016 – Central Region juried art
35th annual touring exhibit
July 5 – 27

The top 40 pieces of artwork selected by jurors at the 35th Annual Central Region Juried Art Show. A variety of mediums will be on display produced by the incredibly talented artists in our region. This annual exhibit always gets rave reviews, do not miss it!