March 2019
Acrylic Paintings


ARTIST STATEMENT: My name is Shannon Besser, I’m 32 and married to my high school sweetheart Keith Besser. Together we have an 11 year old Son named Hayden. We live in a small town, and prefer a quiet simple life. About 5 years ago my son was given an art set at Christmas, and so we sat down at the kitchen table to paint and little did I know my life would change because of it. I had always dreamt of being an Artist, painting beautiful scenes and creating art. But was under the impression one had to know what they were doing before diving into a world of paints and mediums. As we sat and painted I created my first of many paintings to follow. I painted a crow on a branch with feathers and details I seen in my minds eye. I was so proud. From that moment on I began the task of education myself, learning through what felt like mostly constant failure. And often still is, but I’ve been able to look back and see how far I’ve come. I encourage as many people as possible to pick up a paint brush, because you never know… It might just change your life.


 April 2019
“Prairie Perspectives”
Fibre Art


pic2The Fibre Art Divas formed as a group in 2014, with the idea of sharing their mutual interest in fibre arts, encouraging and supporting each other, sharing ideas and gaining inspiration.  Our group is made up of Manitoba Fibre Artists from Lockport, Manitou, Niverville, St. Claude, Springfield, Treherne, West St. Paul and Winnipeg. Prairie Perspectives is our first exhibit as a group. This exhibit has been well received at other Manitoba Art Galleries and we are so pleased to be able to share our “Prairie Perspectives” exhibit with your community.

May 2019
dog blanket



Born and raised in Winnipeg, MB
Trained anthropologist, natural historic interpreter, accidental artist.

My interest in beadwork started when I was young. Despite not being Indigenous, I was inspired by beautiful Oji-Cree beadwork from St. Therese Point in northern Manitoba in our home. My mother, being a labour and delivery nurse at St. Boniface hospital, acquired these pieces, like pairs of moccasins and a tikinaagan (cradleboard), as gifts from women whose children she delivered. As I grew older, my interest in the past deepened, as did my passion for speaking to strangers about topics I like.

I found work as a student that combined these two things, first as a school programs animator at Festival du Voyageur at the age of 17, and then on wards with Parks Canada and the Manitoba Museum. After completing a couple of degrees in Anthropology and History, I took on management at Riel House National Historic Site, and Festival du Voyageur, in summer and winter respectively. These places have introduced me to different artists and experts, such Métis beadwork artist Jennine Krauchi, who I’ve worked with over the past few years. Her expertise, generosity, patience, and kindness make her one of the best beadwork teachers one could ever hope for, and it is due to her that I’ve been able to go from anthropologist by training to artist by accident.


June 2019


July 2019
Various Mediums


August 2019
Mixed Media


September 2019
“Manitoba Moments”
Fibre Art

The Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba (TFAM) is an inclusive group of diverse Manitoba
based artists whose foundation rests on the four pillars of education, networking, exhibiting and promoting
fibre as an art form. TFAM’s membership includes emerging and established artists as well as teachers and
designers. All forms of fibre-based art are encouraged and created. Many members have been recognized both
nationally and internationally for their work. ‘Manitoba Moments’ will be our first exhibit as a group.

image 4

Exhibition Statement: In any season, rural or urban, Manitoba is a beautiful province. TFAM members have
recreated their special moment or memory of Manitoba in fibre. Which one will resonate with you?
 The work of over 20 TFAM members is represented in this exhibition.