January 17 – February 28 2018
Oil Paintings

carlesfield inn

“My painterly Excursions to South Central Rural Manitoba”

Here on display is a collection of 26 oil paintings inspired by my three short excursions to the region of Southern Manitoba that I have never explored before. With painterly approach and broad-brush strokes, I attempt to showcase the natural beauty of the land and the rich cultural history of the place across the seven municipalities represented by Tiger Hills Arts Association. As a painter, I will certainly be so much satisfied if the viewers will vicariously experience the same thrills and excitement as I did when I first caught sight of this beautiful land of Rural Manitoba. – Weiming Zhao

windmillTHAAEmmanual Church

About Weiming Zhao : Growing up in the sixties in a remote northwestern part of China during the Cultural Revolution, Weiming Zhao used his passion for painting and drawing as an escape f20170812_120901_001rom the difficult times.

In the late seventies Weiming taught himself to read and speak English from a book on pronunciation. His studies led him to a ten-year career teaching English as a second language in China and eventually to Canada to pursue further studies at Brandon University in 1991. After five years’ separation from his wife and daughter, Weiming got reunited with his family here in Canada in 1995 and settled in Brandon ever since then.
After a hiatus from painting and drawing of almost three decades, Weiming’s childhood passion for art was rekindled. It was in the summer of 2003 in Lake of Woods, Ontario where he once again picked up his brushes, paint and easel and has not stopped since. The result is a portfolio of over 6000 paintings and sketches created en plein air (in open air), and 18 solo exhibitions, and his painting was collected all across Canada , United State, Russian , England and China. 14 of his paintings are included in Manitoba Provincial Art Collection.


March 2018
Mixed Media

Bio: Robert (Bob) Hogue – Born in 1941 and raised in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Bob spent several years of his youth living in Seven Sister Falls north of Winnipeg where he spent his spare time playing hockey and camping. He is a relative of the famous Metis leader Louis Riel. It was not unusual for him to be away in the woods for several days at a time. It was in those days that he came to appreciate nature and the outdoors.
At an early age Bob showed promise as an artist, and he kept it with him while he apprenticed as a “Sign Painter”. In those days sign painters painted everything by hand, it was before the computer age.
Bob moved to BC in 1967 and to Nanaimo in 1971 where he owned and operated “Classic Signs”, which allowed him to stay in touch with his artistic talent. He has recently left the business world to pursue his dreams of traveling and painting wildlife for a living.


April 2018
“A Moment in Time”
Fibre Art


Artist’s Statement – “A Moment in Time” 

Having once owned an architectural antiques business, I love looking back at the past. Whether it’s an old house and its heritage, or a person glimpsed in an antique photograph, their stories call to me.
When I see people in an old photograph, I wonder what lives those people lived, and why they chose to have a photo taken at that moment in time. I am drawn in by the character written in these people’s faces, their gestures and posture.
Working from vintage black and white or sepia photographs allows me to imagine the lives of these people, and to choose what details, and colours, best express my vision. Researching the era of the photographs, and the clothing styles gives me further insight. I use these elements as a starting point for a composition that brings these people to life.
As the work is created, fabrics are carefully chosen for their ability to mimic both dimension and texture. A finishing touch is machine stitching to add fine details and depth to the composition.
I combine a love of history, and a curiosity about people from the past, to capture character in fabric.

Valerie Wilson – Biography

These are not your grandmother’s quilts. If you were to join Valerie in her home for tea and cookies, you would see a group of ladies at a garden party – in a quilt on the wall. Valerie Wilson is a fibre artist with a passion for using fabric to create pictures. Looking closely at her art, you will see the layers of small pieces of fabric, blended together with stitching, to create the appearance of a painting. Valerie has been quilting for the last 14 years and combines her love of fabric with the themes of nature and people.

Valerie has a refreshing sense of fibre artistry that captures the viewer and makes them linger on every intricate detail. She has a clear love of the outdoors and the natural colour schemes of flowers, trees and landscape.

Having been the owner of an architectural antiques business, Valerie maintains a keen interest in old houses and the people who lived in them. This is evident in Valerie’s current series of vintage portraits, which are based on those brilliant old photos depicting the way we once were. You are drawn in by the whimsical titles and led to wonder – “What were they thinking and doing in that time and place?” Valerie combines a love of history, and a curiosity about people who lived in the past, to capture character in fabric.

Always seeking knowledge, and wanting to develop her expertise further, Valerie has trained with fibre artists from around the world. With a love for being involved in any organization of which she is a member, Valerie became the Fibre Art Network (FAN) Membership Co-ordinator in 2004, when she joined this co-operative of professional, Western Canadian fibre artists.

Valerie’s award winning art has been shown across Canada, and internationally. Since 2004, Valerie has been the Membership Coordinator for the Fibre Art Network, a cooperative of professional Western Canadian fibre artists, and in 2016 became a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). Valerie teaches regularly in her home town of Winnipeg, and travel teaches across Canada.

Valerie was born in Carberry, Manitoba, amongst the rolling sand hills. Craving change, she sampled life in the university town of Kitchener-Waterloo for a few years, but then decided that she could no longer resist the pull of the sunny climes of Manitoba, and now resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


May 2018
Touring Exhibit
Various Mediums


The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is organized by the Central Cultural Council which is comprised of representatives from the Tiger Hills Arts Association, Golden Prairie Arts Council, Portage & District Arts Council, Pembina Hills Arts Council and Recreation and Regional Services Central Region. The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is open to artists & artisans of all levels aged 15 years or older who are residents of the Central Region. The CRJAE aims to promote artists within the central region by providing them with the opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional setting, gain exposure to the general public, as well as have their work seen in within their local communities. Artists in rural Manitoba often have limited access to development opportunities and this exhibit is a wonderful occasion to receive professional feedback on their work. Each piece of artwork is juried and on display to the public for one evening during the “37th Annual Central Region Juried Art Exhibit”,  40-45 artworks are also selected by the jurors for the touring portion of the CRJAE exhibit. The touring portion of the exhibit will be on display at the Tiger Hills Arts Association for the month of May, and will then travel to the 3 other councils. The Central Region Juried Art Exhibit is supported by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Province of Manitoba.


June 2018

More details to come.


July 2018
“Three, Two, One – Create”
Fiber Arts & Photography

 Artists’ Statement

Over the past decade the three artists have been working together.  The photographer, Don Zeghers, takes artistic photos during vacations and daily events that often inspire Krista Zeghers and Coreen Zerr.  Together the three artists will confer on various photos that can be combined or altered to produce a new image.  Sometimes Don will go out and purposefully find photographic subject matter specific to the fibre artists’ needs.  A triangle of collaboration has occurred.

The exhibit, “Three, Two, One – Create” is a play on words, but has a larger meaning for this show.  There are three artists (Don Zeghers, Krista Zeghers and Coreen Zerr) using two artistic mediums (photography and fibre art) in one exhibit to depict the creative process.

Each of the pieces in “Three, Two, One – Create” involves a collaboration between the artists.  One piece, Serengeti Moment, exemplifies collaboration between all three artists.  Two of Don’s African images were chosen to inspire one fibre art piece.  Krista and Coreen collaborated across 3,000 miles, coming together only twice to complete the piece.  Serengeti Moment has been a very popular piece, has toured extensively in the USA and Canada, and has won many awards for the three artists!

Other collaborations involve Don, the photographer, and one fibre artist, either Krista or Coreen.  The process begins with Don and one of the fibre artists discussing images.  Once one specific photograph of Don’s is chosen the fibre artist uses that image to create a design.  When completed the fibre art piece is then labeled with the original photo crediting the photographer.  Don then photographs the completed fibre artwork that can then be used for exhibit submissions, gallery books, note cards, calendars, etc.  A truly recursive relationship for the three artists!!


Krista Zeghers Biography: Krista and her husband, Don, live in the small town of Treherne, located in the Tiger Hills region of Manitoba and they winter in Mesa, Arizona.  For inspiration and collegiality, Krista belongs to Fibre Arts Network (FAN) in Canada; Fibre Arts Divas and Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba (TFAM) in Manitoba; and Mavericks and Fibre Artist Meet and Explore (FAME) while in Arizona.  Various fibre art works of Krista’s have hung at galleries and juried quilt shows across North America including the Manitoba Central Region Juried Art Show, Tiger Hills Arts Association Gallery, Manitoba Prairie Quilt Show, Canadian Juried Show, Grand Nationals,  Arizona Quilt Show and Road to California Quilt Show.

Don Zeghers Biography: Don and his wife, Krista, reside in rural Manitoba.  Don farmed for many years in the Holland area.  He became interested in photography as a way to capture nature’s beauty.  He is inspired by landscapes, scenery, and urban images.  He enjoys photographing in both local and foreign areas.  He has displayed his works through the Tiger Hills Arts Association, Central Region Juried Art Show and the Rural and Northern Art Shows in Manitoba.

Coreen Zerr Biography: Living and photographing on picturesque Vancouver Island furnishes Coreen with exquisite natural images.  She uses images to draw her viewer into the scene to experience and enjoy the beauty.  Coreen’s interpretation of the landscape and nature leans toward a realistic voice, as she constantly experiments with new techniques and products to incorporate reality into her pieces.  Coreen’s fibre art works have been displayed throughout North America and she is also a highly regarded fibre art teacher.


August 2018

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