July Art Exhibit Quilting

Jelly Rolls & Fat Quarters Quilting

“HST… Not Another Tax”

“Our group challenge this year was to make a quilted article that used principally half—square triangles– hence the HST abbreviation. Half-square triangles are made by sewing two squares of fabric together stitching on the diagonal, cutting the fabric 1/4 inches away from the diagonal stitching line, pressing the two pieces of fabric open, and voila, a square that has two triangles!

We decided that about 90% of the article that we made should be half-square triangles. In our search for patterns, we found that HSTs could be used in an endless variety of arrangements to yield vastly different quilts. Not only that, the HSTs could be made in many different sizes thereby increasing the variations within one quilt. Or they could be made one at a time or up to 8 at a time; so, if time is a factor, 8 HSTs at a time is good.

Our display includes quilts in all sizes—from queen size to lap quilts. As well there will be table toppers or table runners. There could be some bags featuring half-square triangles…”  – Jelly Rolls & Fat Quarters Quilting Group



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