GALLERY EXHIBIT Mary Wood-McNeil “Family Portraits”

January 14th – February 28th
Mary Wood-McNeil
“Family Portraits”
Chalk Pastels

Artist Statement : I love to create art … I use all different mediums such as oil paints, acrylic, water colour, clay hand built sculptures etc. Usually my choice of medium depends on what I want to depict and how. As I pondered what medium to create this series of artworks “Family Portraits” I decided to use chalk pastels. I love the softness of the pastels and the hand blending techniques : chalk pastels were perfect for such personal artwork creations. I create larger scale portrait drawings using chalk pastel on vellum surface paper or pastel paper. I work from photographs that have struck a chord in my heart and have begged to be reproduced by my hand. “Family Portraits” will become timeless treasures : a moment in time captured forever on paper with chalk pastel. When I work on each piece my thoughts are about one I am drawing… it almost seems like I get lost in creating with the one I am depicting : it is a very good place to be.  – Mary Wood – McNeil

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